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It is likely that you may be seeking services for a psychological evaluation. This is a general term commonly associated with evaluating and assessing an individual in order to better understand and identify possible struggles that may be negatively impacting behaviors or school performance. Families first hear about the need for an assessment from either faculty at school, pediatricians or observations you have made on your own. By referring the child for a psychological evaluation, these third parties are seeking guidance in order to better meet the needs of the student.

Although psychological testing is very broad and time-consuming, it is by no means a difficult or intimidating process for families or their children. The process begins by establishing an initial one-hour interview session with myself (this typically occurs with families without the child being present in order to gather as much information as possible without concerns of distressing the child). During our initial interview session you can expect to review all concerns in regards to what led you to request the evaluation in addition to past history. It is also during this session that we collaboratively decide what testing is necessary. As I mentioned before, psychological evaluations can be very broad in their nature and every assessment battery is unique to the specific needs of the family or requesting party. It is also during this initial session that we will plan the amount of time needed for the assessment and establish specific testing dates.

Once the assessment process is initiated, I will not only be working directly with the child, but I will also be providing families and schools with their own questionnaires in order to gather as much information as possible. It is important that families understand that the evaluation process, just like psychological therapeutic services are confidential. It is only with the family's authorized permission that I can gather, let alone share my findings with third parties; however, it is often necessary to gather as much information from sources outside of the family in order to fully understand the individual that I am working with.

After completing the assessment battery at my office, the family returns for a final "feedback" session. It is during this last meeting that a completed report is provided and thoroughly reviewed in order to understand what results have been found and as to how to best address the child's needs. It is my goal that by the final session, the family has a firm understanding of the identified struggles and means to seek appropriate interventions, whether that be through seeking accommodations from the school or informing a medical professional of the identified struggles. Certainly my services do not end with the feedback meeting, and I am often involved in communicating with outside parties as an advocate for the child and family.

It is my ultimate goal to make the assessment process as streamlined and comfortable not just for the child, but for the family as well. After years of completing evaluations, I found that by offering my services for an agreed-upon flat fee, you avoid any additional costs or supplemental services that can often accompany evaluation process. For example, you will not be charged additionally for forms/questionnaires, nor for communications, school visits or teacher conferences.

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